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About Flight Feather Productions

Flight Feather Productions LLC,  presents classes and seminars for corporate and artistic communities. We help people—from those at desks and in offices to those on the world's stages—develop comfort in themselves. Flight Feather instructors teach workers and performers strategies to encourage their efficiency of movement, to reduce pain and discomfort, and improve posture, ease and confidence, at work and in life. 


Flight Feather has presented and facilitated programs for organizations nationally and  internationally. Clients have included the Metropolitan Opera  West Point, the New York Youth Symphony, the San Diego Symphony,  The U.S. Military Academy Band, The International Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra (Szczecin, Poland), The Providence (Rhode Island) Singers, Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras, physical therapists at Aspen (Colorado) Sports Medicine, the administrative staff at The Juilliard School, The American Society for The Alexander Technique, and private sector clients including Holland and Knight, LLP and Restore NYC.


You will find participants of Flight Feather events on stages and in courtrooms, in major orchestras and opera companies, in offices, on golf courses, in swimming pools, at military posts, on the racetrack, in studios, in classrooms, and more, all across the world.

Flight Feather Productions LLC is a woman–owned and operated business.

CAGE code available for government contracts.


About Lori Schiff
Director of Flight Feather Productions


Lori Schiff leads the Alexander Technique courses in the Juilliard School’s Music Division, and has been  a guest speaker and teacher at  festivals, schools, and for conferences, businesses and organizations. She has been helping people learn to be more comfortable, efficient and poised in themselves in all sorts of situations, from the mundane to the mercurial, from home, offices and studios to the stage.

Lori joined the faculty at The Juilliard School in 1991 and has been working continuously with high level performers ever since. She  expanded the Alexander Technique program in the Music Division into one of the world-renowned institution’s most popular courses.

She has taught at West Point, The Metropolitan Opera, backstage on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and The New World Symphony in Miami along with a wide range of institutions and individuals nationally and internationally.

Lori is known for her clarity, depth, and lighthearted approach to helping people of all ages and interests change how they see and live in themselves. 


Lori was introduced to the Alexander Technique at Northwestern University and continued with the work in New York City. The life-changing experiences from Alexander lessons lead her to train as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique at The American Center for the Alexander Technique and to continue with post graduate work at The Constructive Teaching Centre in London, England. She earned her Master’s in Music Performance at Manhattan School of Music and her Bachelor’s in Music at Northwestern University.

With four decades in the field, Lori is a well-respected trainer of teachers and is an Associate Director of Teacher Training at the Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique in New York City. She maintains a full private practice in Manhattan and teaches and presents The Alexander Technique and Presence in Presentation in master classes, at arts festivals, conferences and businesses, on site and online. She is a member of The American Society for the Alexander Technique and has published articles in The Journal of The American Society for the Alexander Technique and The Journal of The Society for The Alexander Technique, U.K.

About Lori
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