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How We Work

Through observation, interaction and discussion, online or in person, we assess postural and ergonomic issues and a range of workplace environmental issues. Through simple daily movements and actions, we explore and establish parameters for understanding the causes of sensations, including pain and discomfort. Participants learn to ease tension and unlock habits of body and mind. We set new and achievable ways to feel better, and literally live better. 

Participants learn to take care of themselves, preventing and mitigating the causes of pain and discomfort, lessening the need for expensive, time consuming medical interactions.


Our work helps teams strengthen community connections through improved communications. We interact better with each other when we listen quietly and consider our reactions, free of physical tension, and through balanced, calmer minds.

Meetings with clients are in groups of any size, including one-to-one sessions and larger-scale webinars. Whether in person or online, sessions are dynamic, interactive and transformative.


Courses and Topics

for Flight Feather



In addition to customized programs, Flight Feather Productions hosts a range of events, from individual classes or lectures to full-service development of your company's in-house corporate wellness program.

Sample Courses

Individual Courses include:


Injury Prevention and Management: 

Back pain? Shoulder pain? Stiff neck?

Injuries and discomfort that come from poor postural habits can be prevented and managed through improving mind-body interactions and coordination. Work with us to understand yourself structurally and functionally. Explore how to function better in a range of activities including working at a desk.


Presence in Performance - Presence, Poise, Power 

Project confidence and enthusiasm through how you look and feel in performance.

 Gain confidence, energy, and vocal strength and ease through being in tune with yourself, consciously. 


Tethered to Technology

Getting through days of zealous Zooming and desktop drama can get easier.

Focus on how you use your body to disconnect the habitual stresses of sitting and focusing on screens. Learn to expand your range of attention to include awareness of your body for “real time,” “on the spot,” help and change.


Sitting, simply: 

Chairs, choices, and strategies for sitting: 

Poor sitting habits cause pain, stiffness and distraction. 

Learn better, happier posture while sitting, for balance, energy and presence. 


Standing is a skill:  

Stable, balanced standing can be comfortable and empowering.

Standing at your desk? Standing in the kitchen? Standing and waiting in line? 

Stand better, relieve back and neck pain. Improve over- all posture. Stand better and take your space in the room.


Following an introductory session, classes can be part of a series or single events.

All classes can happen in person on site, or in home /work-spaces via video.


Sample series:

The courses can be programmed in a series for your organization that will deepen the effectiveness of the work for your community.


For example:


 Improving Well Being in the World of Work  

The course meets two times a week for three weeks.

Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes.


1.Introductions and connecting with the group and the work environment.

Employing observation, attention and choices as the means to improve comfort and ease in the workplace.


2. Sitting Simply: Attention to ergonomics, the dynamics of sitting and functioning at desks and on video conferences. Pain relief, improving attention spans, and practical postural solutions to the challenges of sitting for meetings, work and events.


3. Standing is a Skill: Learn the advantages and ease of standing well in presentations and at standing desks.


4. Injury Prevention and Management: Improve postural habits that are the cause of back and neck pain and keyboard related carpal tunnel issues.


5. Strategies for restoring balance and reducing stress related tension throughout the day.


6. Sustaining your improvements:  How to continue assessing and building better habits and choices in daily activities. 


Sample agenda for a one-day event as part of your corporate retreat or conference:


Presence, Poise and Power

9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Introductory session – Meet the participants and instructors. 

Begin the work with observing and identifying stresses and tensions. Through simple movement and discussion of structure and function, learn to make adjustments from the inside to reduce tensions that interfere with presence and power.


11:15 – 12:30 

Developing Postural Presence – From the ground up: Explore habits that constrict posture and energy vs. allowing ease of balance to create open and focused presentations. Develop personal cues for strengthening poise and clarifying physical gestures.


Lunch break


2:00 – 3:15
Breathing - For ease in life, vocal strength, and preparing presentations.


3:30 – 4:30
The Take - Away:  Building and sustaining the knowledge gained. Q and A, closing discussion.

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