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About the Alexander Technique

 The Alexander Technique is a mind-body method for learning to move and live efficiently and more comfortably throughout life. You learn to increase your ability to recognize, feel and change how you do what you do, while you are doing it.

The Alexander Technique has been taught world-wide in major performing arts institutions, universities, and wellness programs for more than a century.

Sensing and understanding reactions and habits can help us to make better choices in how we function in anything and everything that we do, including how you are reading this very sentence. (Are you tensing your eyes? Are you crunching down in your spine? If you’re on your phone, is your neck compressed, squeezed? Are you holding your breath?)

The Alexander Technique teaches you to connect with yourself better. Imagine getting work done on a strong ethernet connection versus unstable wireless connections. Instability can be disruptive, annoying, and time consuming. With a strong internal connection between your body and your mind, communications are smoother, clearer and calmer. Flight Feather can teach you to develop more stable, clearer connections with yourself and others.

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