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Classes, seminars and programs for health, well-being and presence in the reinvented world of work


About Flight Feather Productions

Flight Feather Productions LLC,  presents uplifting classes and seminars for corporate and artistic communities. We help people at desks and in offices and performers on the world's stages develop comfort in themselves. Flight Feather instructors teach workers and performers strategies to reduce pain and discomfort, and improve posture, ease and confidence, at work and in life. 


About Lori Schiff, Director

Lori Schiff  is a leading Teacher of the Alexander Technique at The Juilliard School in New York City and has been a guest speaker and teacher at festivals, conferences and schools, businesses and organizations including West Point, The Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, and Holland and Knight,LLP. She has been helping people learn to be more comfortable, efficient and poised in themselves in all sorts of situations, from the mundane to the mercurial, from home offices and studios, to the stage and even  to a campsite at the Lewa Wilderness Conservancy in northern Kenya.

What is the Alexander Technique?

 The Alexander Technique is a mind-body  method for learning to move and live efficiently and more comfortably throughout life. You learn to increase your field of attention and sensory knowledge to guide how you do what you do, while you are doing it.


Working with Flight Feather Productions

Through observation, interaction and discussion, we assess postural and ergonomic issues and a range of workplace environmental issues. Through simple daily movements and actions participants learn to ease tension and unlock habits of body and mind. We set new and achievable ways to feel better, and literally live better. 


"I especially loved Lori's emphasis on small degrees of change making a lasting impact and emphasis on our body's design to communicate with us."

—Amanda Eckhardt, Ph.D., Executive Director, Restore NYC

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